【Temporary Closed】Smoothies & Juice MATAHARI Numazu

【Temporary Closed】Smoothies & Juice MATAHARI Numazu

「MATAHARI」, known for organic smoothies and cold pressed juices, is located 12 minutes from Numazu Station. In Indonesian language MATAHARI means「sun」. Using only selected ingredients and organic fruits and vegetables. They have drinks good for hangovers too!

Due to COVID-19, Numazu city requested all stores and shops to close down until May 6th (Wed), and may extend the date. Please check MATAHARI’s Instagram or Facebook page for details! Visit MATAHARI after their temporary close to reset your immune system!

【Smoothie & Juice MATAHARI】Basic Information

Store Name MATAHARI Numazu
Genre organic smoothies & cold-pressed juice
Address 1-28 Miyoshicho, Numazu, Shizuoka 410-0038
TEL 055-952-3695
LINE (for order ONLY) matahari555

【Smoothie & Juice MATAHARI】Menu

❦All prices are tax included
❦Choose either milk OR soy milk

Drink Ingredients M L
Banana Milk banana・milk/soy milk ¥450 ¥550
Strawberry banana banana・strawberry syrup・chia seeds・milk/soy milk ¥550 ¥700
Chocolate banana banana・cacao powder・cacao nibs・milk/soy milk ¥550 ¥650
Green Smoothie banana・green・citrus・pineapple・water kefir・・・
*Green and fruits may change due to stocking*
¥750 ¥850
Hemp green banana・green・hemp powder・hemp seeds・hemp oil・milk/soy milk/water kefir ¥600 ¥750
Peanut Punch banana・peanut butter・raw honey・vanilla extract・oats・milk/soy milk ¥750 ¥870
Acaí Yoghurt banana・kefir yoghurt・acaí・blueberry・dates・chia seeds ¥700 ¥800