[Hostel Knot Shuzenji] Shuzenji, Izu, Shizuoka, Japan

Thursday January 16th, 2020


About【Hostel Knot Izu – Shuzenji】Shizuoka, Japan

We are the knot between people and Izu

In June 2018, at the center of Izu Peninsula (伊豆半島), two young men from Izu area opened a Guest House【Hostel Knot Izu Shuzenji】in Shuzenji Onsen (修善寺温泉).
Easy access from and to Shuzenji Station and also Shuzenji Temple.
There are also other sightseeing spots other than Shuzenji Temple, and so many places to choose from for lunch.

【Hostel Knot】Hot Pot Party

I moved  to Shuzenji, Izu, Shizuoka, Japan this January 15th, but only staying in Izu until end of March.
Before moving to Izu, Shizuoka…
I found this beautiful guest house on Instagram【Hostel Knot Izu Shuzenji】, following them on Instagram, I told myself I definitely have to stay for one night.
So on my 3rd day off, I decided to stay for one night.
3 nights before my stay at Hostel Knot Izu Shuzenji, I went to a local izakaya/pub near my dorm.
At the izakaya/pub, I became friends with the part-timer “N”, she’s originally from Kanazawa, currently working near Shuzenji Station.
And “N” happened to be friends with the owners of the Hostel Knot guest house, and she gets off early the day of my stay. So we decided to meet up and then eat dinner together at the guest house.

January 24, dinner in Hostel Knot Izu Shuzenji, was Soy Milk based Hot Pot♡
My first time trying soy milk based hot pot (the hot pots I usually eat are mizutaki, chanko, kimchi)
Soy milk based was actually really good too.
I might get addicted to it
And for the shime(〆), we made cheese risotto! yum!

【Hostel Knot Izu Shuzenji】Breakfast

【Hostel Knot Izu Shuzenji】has 2 types of breakfast, Japanese-style and Western-style.
Both comes with coffee or hot black tea.
Breakfast is served at a restaurant right next to Shuzenji Temple, 【Sakura Tsubame-tei


【Hostel Knot】Types of Rooms

【Hostel Knot Shuzenji】only has 3 types of rooms.
Mixed Dormitory for 8 people
Women’s Only Dormitory for 6 people, with a dresser
Japanese-style Twin (private) room for 2 people

【Hostel Knot】Mixed Dormitory


【Hostel Knot】Women’s Only Dormitory

【Hostel Knot】Japanese-style Twin (Private) room

【Hostel Knot Shuzenji】Information

Owners RyoHeyKim-chan
Since June 2018
Address  985-1, Shuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka
Access 1。At the South Exit of Shuzenji Station, take the bus to Shuzenji Onsen 「修善寺温泉行き」(No.1 bus stop)
2。Get off at Shuzenji Onsen Station「修善寺温泉駅」(7-8 minutes)
3。From the bus station, turn right, pass the Shuzenji Temple, and go along the road
4。Go up a slope road for 200m
5。And you will see【Hostel Knot Izu Shuzenji】on the right
Tel 0558-78-0261
E-mail hostelknot@gmail.com
Homepage https://hostelknot.com/
Facebook @Hostel.Knot.izu.shuzenji
Twitter @HostelKnot
Instagram @hostel_knot.izu.shuzenji
Wifi Free
Booking ★ Homepage
★ E-mail
★ Facebook
Price ★ Mixed Dormitory:3200yen/person
★ Women’s Only Dormitory:3200yen/person
★ Japanese-style twin (private) room:7200yen/person
Payment ★ Cash
★ Credit Card:VISA、Mastercard、American Express
Rooms ★ Mixed Dormitory 8 people
★ Women’s Only Dormitory 6 people
★ Japanese-style twin (private) room  2 people
Max People 16 people
Check-in 16:00〜21:00
Check-out 8:00(please contact if before 8:00)
Curfew N/A
Language ★ Japanese
★ English
Meals ★ Breakfast:1100yen(Japanese-style・Western-style)
★ Dinner:Kitchen is available, free to use。
Facility (Free Rental) ★ Coffee・Tea・Water・Alcohol Left Behind
★ Shower
★ Jinbei(Rental)
★ Ear plugs
★ Hair Dryer
★ Hanger
★ Plugs (USB plugger)
★ Locker
★ Air Conditioner
★ Work space・Common Area
★ No smoking
★ Roof Terrace
Rental ★ Toothbrush 100yen
★ Washing Machine 300yen
★ Shampoo・Conditioner・Body Soap 100yen
★ Parking(4 spots) 500yen
★ Bath Towel(Rental)300yen

【Hostel Knot Izu Shuzenji】Tweets

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