Great Cafe Spot for Moms〜Saru Cafe Machida〜

Thursday January 16th, 2020

Take your Kids with you to【Saru Cafe Machida

Coming out of JR Machida Station you’ll see
0101 (Marui) and going up the escalator to the 5th Floor,
the first thing you’ll see is Saru🐵 Cafe
Great Cafe spot to bring your kids with you♪

It’s so popular, that even from during lunch hours
the seats are almost completely full.
Not just popular with teenage and young adults,
but with moms too!
You can bring your kids with you and have lunch
or have tea time!
It’s really a kid-friendly cafe
You can also have private parties too♪

Lunch Menu】¥980〜

From popular cafe meals、
rice bowls to、、、
original Saru Cafe hamburgers…

Their main dish comes with a side dish♪

Rice bowls come with、
1 deli・ mini salad。
Hamburgers come with、
french fries。
Pastas come with、
1 deli・mini salad・French bread。
Salads come with、
French bread。

All of the REGULAR LUNCH SET comes with 1 drink!!
Choose from〜
・Cafe au lait(Hot・Ice)
・(Black) Tea(Hot・Ice)
・Orange Juice
・Grapefruit Juice
・Acerola Juice

Casual Lunch Set】¥1,580〜

【Set ①】 ¥1,580

【Set ②】¥1,780

Guess what!
For casual sets、
you get
the main dish+1 drink+today’s dessert
Available only at Machidaヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
The price isn’t that much of a difference compared to the regular lunch sets
Ended up ordering the Casual Lunch Set (hehe)

I ordered、
Hamburg & Bacon, American-style loco moco 
Oh and they asked if I just wanted 1 drink、
Or if I wanted to drink from the drink bar section∑(゚ω゚ノ)ノ
Of course I’ll take the drink bar♡
Drink bar means free refills ^^

My First!【Acerola Juice

I don’t really know what acerola is but…
Let’s Try (・ω・´)尸
Slowing trying my first sip…
Oh it’s actually pretty good!!
Pretty fruity too

3 Best Benefits of Acerola Cherry (a.k.a Barbados Cherry)☆

  1. Anti-Aging and Diet
  2. Boost your immune system with Vitamin C
  3. Relief your stress

Be Careful☆!

  • 200~300ml a day

    ⚠️ Too much acerola Cherry can cause you to have diarrhea and insomnia

【Hamburg & Bacon, American-style loco moco】¥1,580

My favorite♡ Loco moco♡
The Hamburg was nice and juicy
Came with mini salad,
and mini potato salad.
There was cabbage on the rice too!!
Super healthy!!
I’m now a happy camper💕

One more picture of the loco moco💕
I really don’t like bacon…I usually ask 『without bacon』but..
this time I thought I’ll give it a try.
I think I can eat Saru cafe’s bacon..
Maybe I overcame it a little…?

Today’s dessert】Apple Waffle

The chocolate art on the dessert plate is so cute💕
Wish I could draw like that too〜

The waffle was perfect✨
They were made like how I like my waffles to be
Not too hard and not too soft
Baked Apple💕
Caramel Sauce💕
Chocolate Sauce💕
Just the right size♪

【Post on Instagram↗︎↗︎】

For Instagramers!!
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Follow the official account of Saru Cafe Machida Marui
「#猿カフェ町田」(←saru cafe machida)

Doesn’t matter what you post!!
Anythings fine!!
From desserts,
to main dish,
to selfies in the store!!
TWICE a month they announce the 2 winners!!
If you get chosen,
one of the lucky ones…
you’ll get 30% OFF!!
(Get to use it in Machida or Shinjuku…either location is fine)

Basic Info〜

Saru Cafe Machida
6-1-6 Haramachida Machida Tokyo




More Info〜

Occasions:With kids (even babies)、by yourself、with friends、hangouts、private parties

With Kids:

Number of seats:58 seats (Sofa◎) (Private Parties◎)

Smoking・Non-Smoking:Non-smoking 🚭

English Menu:?


Party Plans:¥1,980〜

Drinks:Spring Teas🌸

Food:Rice bowls, hamburgers…

Dessert:French Toast



Per person:¥1,300〜