【American Diner in Chigasaki】〜BY THE WAY〜

Wednesday December 5th, 2018

Private Parties are Possible at American Diner【BY THE WAY

I’ve started to crave for American food so..
today I decided to go out…
out from Machida
I decided to have lunch in Chigasaki, Kanagawa
(about 40 minutes~an hour away from Machida)
at a small American Diner BY THE WAY
Heard their hamburgers are really good!!

BY THE WAY is a little far from Chigasaki Station
maybe like 30 minutes walking distance.
but I don’t mind walking so it’s fine
I always walk when I’m in a new city
that way I get to explore the city more
and more discover the little things
that you can’t recognize when you ride the bus ^^

A little side note, 
BY THE WAY isn’t located on a main street!
Be careful..
I couldn’t find it at first…was walking around the area
going in circles 💦

Going inside the diner..
Kinda reminds me of California
a little nostalgic

There’s so many different spices,
american alcohols,
and the Lemonade bottle
lined up on the counter ♡

I’m really curious about the spices lined up
There’s a part of me wanting to try them…
but…there’s the other part of me thinking I’ll regret trying 💦
The habanero sauce one looks dangerous
I won’t try it this time
but maybe next time (not for sure though lol)

Now, what should I eat…
Variety of burgers…

・Original Burger
・Cheddar Cheese Burger
・Pepper Jack Cheese Burger
・Chili Beans & Cheddar Cheese Burger
・Pepper Jack Cheese & Chipotle BBQ Burger
・Corned Beef & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich
・Seasonal Burger

Which one should I eat?

All of them sounds good
so I’ll go with
the Original Burger this time♪

The CDs and posters on the wall
are nostalgic too!!
but I only really know the Red Chili
and the one CD I actually listened too is there too!!

【Original Burger】¥1,100

I thought the burger came out sooo fast
but it was only because
I got soooo into the posters and CDs (lol)

Love the size!!
and the buns are my favorite kinds!!
I’m already loving it before even tasting it (hehe)

Taking my first bite into the burger…
The patty is sooo~ yummy!!
the meat juice makes it addicting♪
I ended up eating the whole plate
It was so yummy but I think I ate too much (^▽^;)

Which one should I try the next time I go?
I really wanna try the homemade muffins too☆
But I’ll have to have those for take out ^^

Basic Info〜

Holidays:Sunday(Check on their Facebook page for Special Holidays)
2-10-22 Matsugaoka Chigasaki Kanagawa


Open Date:2014.07.07



More Info〜

Occasions:lunch、by yourself、with a friend、with family…

With Kids:◎ (Kids Menu◎)

Seats:(Private Parties◎)、(Counter Seats◎)

English Menu:

Smoking/Non-smoking:Lunch〜Non-smoking🚭、DinnerSmoking 🚬




Drinks:Coffee, Juice, Tea, Wine, Beer…


Dessert:Homemade Cakes

Credit Card:N/A